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To understand in General what we are talking about here, don't you have to be Clear about one thing: steroids originate from any toxic waste dump, but it is always about drugs. Some are the "evil" Steroid drugs which you can purchase at the corresponding Suffering in the pharmacy, some of these originate but also in the veterinary medicine. Often steroids are also drugs that are no longer used, since the medical Benefit is too low, not because they are harmful.

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These are drugs that are prescribed for a variety of diseases or Suffering from the doctor. So how do you know that even of your family doctor. As in UK drugs and everything that has to do with (like, for example. the Import and manufacture) will be very strictly controlled, the quality of these drugs is very high.

Here you will find never impurities and what is on the packaging, is also included in appropriate dosages.

There is not a Steroid or hormone, which can over-the-counter in a pharmacy purchased. So if you want to have a Steroid to get this from his doctor, needs to find other ways.

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How come pharmacy goods in circulation?

In General, "to fall these products off a truck", arise from the handling of stolen goods. Here, pharmacist, or employee of Pharma to be bribed companies or actively trade, by stealing the products from the company. You need to to you in so imagine, how when someone offers you a re-packaged iPhone, the origin is "unknown".

In UK, everything is known, what to do with drugs has very strictly controlled and so, it is extremely difficult to work as a pharmacy employee, a charge to just disappear. Therefore, German "pharmacy goods" on the black market is very popular: she is the undisputed high quality and get very hard.

Doctors could be bribed to prescribe the steroids? This happens in very few cases, because the responsible doctor, and might get massive problems, and his approval would lose.

A further possibility is the procurement of direct theft in the respective pharmacies. That happens here in UK, of course, relatively rare. In Eastern Europe or Asia, that can happen, however, ever more frequently.

So many medicines come from Eastern Europe, where, as we know, with a bit of bribery more than in Western Europe. Also very popular is the Turkey. Here, money is a little Small for the procurement of steroids from the pharmacy, no Problem.

Among the most popular original drugs, growth hormones, Insulin and thyroid hormones certainly. This is simply because that is hardly an underground lab, making here an equivalent quality products.

If we talk in terms of steroids of pharmacy goods, then there are relatively few drugs that are used for athletic performance enhancement and available on the black market. The most popular are certainly the following:


Growth hormones

Thyroid hormones


As the prices for original medications on the black market are very high, attracts of course a lot of scammers. We move here anyway in a legal vacuum and, therefore, the threshold of the fake drugs to the man to bring very low.

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