Drying for Men Using Steroids

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In order to achieve a dryness of the muscles, it is not enough just to eat right. Along with a diet is to do exercise. Thus, drying of the body will consist of several paragraphs.

First point: steroids

To start is to be anti-catabolic the basis of the cycle. That is, you need to include in your diet is a substance which will protect the greater part of the meat from destruction. The best drugs to protect the muscles from the cortisol: Testosterone Propionate, Turinabol, Oxandrolone.

These funds can cover the muscles from destruction by low calorie diet. The best among the three drugs is Testosterone. He is also able to maintain the mental state of the body and attraction to the opposite sex. During drying decreases libido in many athletes, and some Testosterone is not suitable because of the high sensitivity to estradiol. In the period of the cycle to protect the body from the aromatization acceptance of aromatase inhibitors.

Recommended dosage:

Testosterone Propionate is 50 to 100 milligrams a day
Oxandrolone twice a day 20 mg – morning and evening hours
Turinabol twice a day 20 mg – morning and evening hours

Second point: also steroids

In addition to the basic steroids on the course, it is necessary to take additional, which will be responsible for getting rid of fat layers and the aesthetics of the body. Best cope with stanozolol and Masteron. Of course, each of them can give negative effects, but they give a tangible effect.

Masteron is the safest drug. We can still give endurance and to make a faster recovery rate. You can do without these drugs, but then, the athlete will get lower quality results than could obtain.

Recommended dosage:

Masteron 100 milligrams a day
Stanozolol is 50 milligrams a day

Third paragraph: fat burning drugs

On the course to pick up any fat burner. It is able to improve the material exchange and to maintain it throughout time. Any store sportpit will offer you the best option. Athletes suggest Mechildren. The appropriate dosage indicated on the package. To increase their not recommended.

Fourth item: sports nutrition

Athletes are recommended to take expensive vitamins, protein on the serum and preparations based on amino acids. Is a safe drug Actovegin, which is capable of doing faster recovery after various loads. It should be applied after the training process inside the muscles.


Drying takes 1.5 to 2 months.
You can divide this entire period into two parts, first to consume anticatabolic, and secondly, to take other drugs.
After the loop, if you dare to refuse drugs, to conduct a post-cycle therapy.