The Truth About Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding

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What is growth hormone, why is it so necessary for muscle mass, how to increase its natural production level? Real, truth, about expensive injections

What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone stimulates the growth of muscles, stabilizes metabolism (a large majority of proteins is the formation of muscle and less fat is deposited), is improving the livelihoods of the skin, bones and ligaments become stronger and more intense the action is burning fat.

The maximum secretion of growth hormone falls at 20 years of age, and in the future decreases with the rapid pace of 15-17% in ten years. Many people suffer from a lack of this hormone, but without the growth hormone hard to think about or any real muscle growth.

Growth hormone and strength training

Power training increases the formation of growth hormones. It is an undeniable fact. It is very important that Your workouts are not held more than 45 minutes, otherwise will produce other types of hormones. For example, cortisol, reduces the secretion of growth hormones.

Increase productivity growth hormone individual amino acids, for example glycine, ornithine, glutamine, arginine and BCAAs. In this regard, it is very important you take protein supplements that contain amino acids. Supplements use before training, but also during preparations and of course for the night.

How to increase growth hormone levels?

Another important aspect is the sleep. This service is 85% of horn growth. If Your sleep is less than 8 hours, a day, or Your sleep is not well, so You own the productivity develop the most important to increase muscle growth hormone.

In addition, if You wish to build muscle, You must eat every 2-3 hours, never to feel hunger, as it reduces hunger and reduces the secretion of hormones. In addition to this, You need to take long acting proteins, for example casein for the night.

Injections of growth hormone

Artificially produced growth hormone used in the treatment of children with unsatisfactory weight and also for people who are sick with AIDS. In turn, this hormone relatively often used by athletes who want to build muscle mass of the body and strengthen the relief.

A lot of sites that littered the Internet, advertised this hormone, recommend it to buy (the rate is a thousand dollars). Is of great importance to warn that the number of counterfeit drugs that are sold over the Internet approximately 80%. Besides, Russian sites have little understanding about the product growth hormone.

The modern view of growth hormone

Foreign sources, on the contrary, a very long time refute the efficacy of this drug (Bloomberg, Steroid Nation). Argues that the increase in effectiveness of muscle mass comprises not more three pounds, at a time when downside risks to very large.

One of the most common side effects are edema and swelling of the tissues and carpal tunnel syndrome (a painful condition of the hands and wrists causing pinched nerves in the wrists). In addition, increasing muscle tissue during injections of special preparations does not lead to increase increase strength.

Also increase the levels of HGH can natural way, namely, strength training, and proper protein nutrition, a good sleep. Injections and supplements is a very controversial issue, and of course ineffective than maintaining the basic rules