Best Oral Steroids

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Speaking about the best oral steroids used in sports, it is safe to say that this category is restricted to drugs on the basis of one of these substances: turinabol, stanozolol or methandienone. They form the basis of most steroid courses for beginners and experienced athletes, including professionals.

To every time to achieve great results, the steroids need to be used consistently and not get hung up on any one drug. Muscle receptors tend to accumulate active anabolic agent, so repeated use of steroid over a short period of time its effectiveness is greatly reduced. Some athletes partially solve this problem by increasing the dose, but why risk their health and deliberately to deprive yourself of all advantages of drug used, if sufficient to increase the interval between repetitions of cycles. Ideal – alternately taking different oral steroids in order to re-cycle each of them the body time to rid them of the active substance. This approach allows us to avoid stagnation in the sport progress and gain the maximum benefit from the steroids, as an anabolic stimulator are still unknown and "not bored" of the organism.


First place in the list of the best oral steroids in modern sports history, deservedly occupies Turinabol oral – highly efficient and at the same time safe drug, designed for novice athletes. It works well in combination with injectable anabolic steroids and androgens, including testosterone, and the subject of balanced nutrition and regular intensive training gives a qualitative result.

The correct use of oral Turinabol provides the following results:

Gain quality lean muscle mass

Increased physical strength;

Increase speed muscle recovery after exercise and the resulting microdamage;

Acceleration of intracellular metabolic processes and protein synthesis;

Activating the natural anabolic processes;

The lack of flavor and associated with higher levels of estrogen side effects.

Turinabol is one of the safest oral steroids. It does not cause such side effects as gynecomastia, the accumulation of fluid in the body, high blood pressure, and also leads to hormonal disorders and almost does not suppress endogenous testosterone production, as most other powerful steroids. When buying you should pay attention to the fact that the steroid was originally produced with all necessary labeling and always declared by the manufacturer of the active substance.


This oral steroid on the basis of methandienone is very popular for many decades. It goes well with the powerful injectable steroids, and in small doses (30 mg a day) is suitable even for beginners with no experience of the use of anabolic drugs.

Some athletes avoid drugs on the basis of Dianabol because of inherent side effects, but with the right build of course negative impacts can be avoided, while maintaining high efficiency. By using Danabol possible in the short term to build up an impressive amount of muscle mass of good quality. In compliance with good nutrition and regular exercise weight gain more than 1 kg a week, and the result is stored upon completion of the course.

Danabol gives the following results:

Rapid muscle growth;

Fluid retention, and with it the useful minerals in the body;

Increase endurance through improved blood circulation and supply muscles with oxygen;

Stimulation of the synthesis of amino acids;

Improvement in key metrics: power qualities, endurance, speed of reaction, reducing recovery time of muscles.

Steroids on the basis of Dianabol is ideal for rapid increases in muscle mass, but due to severe fluid retention muscle quality is not the best, and the result goes into the result "rollback". To improve the quality of muscles and reduce the likelihood of side effects such drugs are recommended for use in combination with other anabolic tools, as well as give high-quality post-cycle therapy.

Stanozolol (oral)

This steroid is mild effect, with fat burning properties and thus often used to improve the quality of the muscle itself or in combination with other steroids. It gives the muscles hardness, relief and distinctive character, ensures a slow increase in muscle mass without fat and water.

The oral use of Stanozolol leads to the following results:

Activation of fat-burning processes in muscle and other tissues;

The excretion of excess fluid from the body;

Acceleration of metabolic processes, including intracellular;

The growth of strength and endurance;

Acceleration of anabolic and metabolic processes in the body.

Though Stanozolol and has a mild effect and almost no side effects, dosages need to be careful not to exceed the recommended standards. For more pronounced muscle growth recommended to use it in combination with other steroids. To obtain the most beneficial result without risk to the health of the best oral steroids need to be used correctly, observing the permissible dosage and combining only with compatible products. Due to heavy load on the liver it is not recommended to combine in one course of oral steroids.