Cardio in bodybuilding

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What you need to know about cardio in the UK

Perennial problem in bodybuilding is the combination of a set of weight with "drying" process. It is very difficult in a state of progressive growth, retain lean muscle and relief. That is why most bodybuilders share their training program into two main periods: the competition and the off-season.

Shoulder period represents phase active "leveling", where a set of muscle mass and strength indicators are in priority to other aspects. Predsorevnovatelny same step athlete is characterized by aspiration to remove unnecessary weight, deriving from the body fluid and fat burning tissues.

The role of cardio

In the period that many of the so-called - "on the ground", is intended to include in the training process with a frequency of cardio no more than once a week. Someone even without them, but then everyone's opinion can be individual.


When preparing for a competition as possible as much as necessary to maintain a diet and enjoy a variety of fat burning drugs, but the role of cardio is hard to overestimate. Excess adipose tissue-found in the off-season, due to cardio intensively burnt, whose number can reach during this phase of 4 or more times per week.

Athletes are well aware that you can not survive without functional heart. Not every nature gave generously, and if so, the perfection because there is no limit. Cardio aimed primarily at strengthening the cardiovascular system, it not only becomes the key to overall health, but also significantly expands the scope of athletic potential.

Muscles need oxygen to feed productive during the training process, and the role of cardio here goes almost to the fore.Many representatives of bodybuilding came to this scheme, not once, as more than once deplored as lost against better progress of time.


What should be the cardio

In bodybuilding, as in many other sports, in the construction of cardio is necessary to take into account the intended target. Someone smaller, someone bigger, one is inclined to be overweight - all of these individual factors do not tolerate general and generic approach. Others sports in general are radically different from bodybuilding, but the need for cardio can be expressed more clearly.

In general, when performing cardio in bodybuilding should pay attention to a few things that we're cutting.


Time for training

The most affordable and common cardio is jogging. If the house has a cardio, everything becomes easier. However, in either case, at least once every wondered when to run, in the morning or evening?

This topic has generated a lot of discussions and opinions, most of which still leans in the morning time, if the task is to lose weight. The point is in relation to food intake: morning training session takes place on an empty stomach, and the energy is withdrawn from the body's reserves.


However, it is impossible not to take into account the individual characteristics of each person. Many people not only can not sometimes build their productive morning practice (and this is not because they can not pull themselves out of bed), but also experience clear physiological discomfort, which can manifest itself in the form of nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite and so on. By the way, a good appetite is a sign of effective training and losing weight do not need to be afraid of, unless of course they are not going to close the cycle begun on food consumption, ceasing to perform cardio.

In general, for those who experience any difficulty during the morning training, it is quite suitable and evening, right "attached" to the food intake.


Intensity cardio

Cardio involves working range of the pulse rate obtained by a simple formula, where 220 is subtracted from your age in years (yield conditional maximum pulse), and this value is taken from 60-80%. Thus, thirty people have to train in heart rate range 114-152 beats per minute. It should be understood that the work at the upper threshold of 80% of the maximum possible expected at a short time interval, such as interval training . At a pulse frequency of monotonous work should oscillate at around 65-70% of the maximum.


Duration cardio

Many athletes in the UK from the field of bodybuilding so cherish the earned kilograms that they do not want to part with them, so they ignore cardio training. However, this is not correct, because, as already mentioned above, cardio-drainage is directed not only to burning calories, but also to strengthening the heart and blood vessels, and also necessary to saturate the muscles with oxygen. In addition, we mention the relief.

The number of cardio workouts during the "drying" period can quite reach 4 times a week, in days free from the power program, and their duration should be 30-35 minutes. However, here again we should remember the aspect of individuality.

Warm up and cool down

The key to beginning any workout is a workout. In the case of cardio, its main task, along with warming up muscles and joints, and is output to the appropriate level of the heart. And most importantly - this exit should be gradual.

After cardio productive work must be performed to restore hitch, where the goal becomes gradual decrease heart rate and respiration rate.



Diet can be any good, but without cardio you will not achieve an effective result in any bodybuilding or in many other sports. As the period of mass recruitment, and in the weight loss period nutrition is a very important aspect.

Remember that energy is conventionally expressed in calories, and if they do not spend the extra weight is formed. The conclusion is simple: to lose weight you need to spend more than you consume, and in the period set mass - on the contrary.

Using information provided in this article, and making conclusions, you will no doubt improve your athletic performance, and most importantly - do it for the benefit of health. Good luck!